Great Scott!

It is shockingly affordable to have professional cleaners in your home! Call today to see for yourself. We promise to WOW you!

The Right Stuff!

We use really cool, 100% green cleaning products. We also have lots of tiny brushes, and fancy vacuums. Call us, we’ll show you. Trust us, you’ll be impressed.

Got Floors?

Don’t leave the cleaning of your floors to an amateur. We’re pros at cleaning ALL types of flooring. And we clean all hard floors with fancy vacuums! Brooms are so last century.

Hassle Free Estimates

We used to include hassle with our house cleaning estimates, but we had to charge extra. Our estimates are now hassle free and guaranteed amazing.

Not Happy?

We have a guarantee for that. If you find a problem after our cleaning visit, just call, text, or e-mail us and we'll return to correct the problem or hook you up with a discount on your next cleaning. We want you to be SUPER HAPPY with our cleaning, and say lots of nice things about us. This guarantee applies to our house cleaning, janitorial service, move-out cleaning, maid service, and housekeeping service in the Cedar City, St. George, and Brian Head areas.

Still Cleaning Yourself?

Wow, that is so 1980 of you. We get it though; you just don’t realize how affordable it is to have your home professionally cleaned. Plus you don’t know about the really cool, professional, 100% green cleaning products, fancy vacuums, tiny brushes and even steel wool we use in ways you never imagined. We're sure you'll love us! We clean better than you, and we only charge slightly more than your kids.


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Providing Cedar City, and St. George with amazing house cleaning, janitorial service, maid service, and housekeeping for over 10 years. We're licensed, bonded, insured, and awesome, for your protection.

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